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Available Exotic Woods for Handmade Pens

Caribbean Rosewood

Caribbean Rosewood, also known as Chechen, is a beautiful tropical hardwood. Its unique appearance is characterized known for its rich golden to reddish-brown color and striking grain patterns.

Leopardwood Wood - 1_edited.png

South American Leopardwood

Leopardwood, prized for its distinctive appearance, features a rich reddish-brown color with dark flecks resembling leopard spots, making it a sought-after choice for crafting pen.

American Walnut

Walnut wood used for pen blanks is prized for its rich, dark color and attractive grain patterns, making it a favorite among woodturners for creating elegant, high-quality writing instruments.

African Curly Sapele

Curly Sapele wood features a distinctive wavy or "curly" grain pattern that creates a striking, three-dimensional effect. It is known for its rich reddish-brown color, interlocking grain, and fine texture.

African Paduk

Paduk wood is prized for its vibrant reddish-orange hue, which deepens with age and exposure to light. It is favored for crafting pens due to its striking color and fine grain pattern.

Central African Wenge

Wenge wood, known for its rich, dark brown hue with black streaks, is highly prized due to its striking visual appeal and fine grain.  Its durability and smooth finish make it an excellent choice for handcrafted pens.

African Ebony

Ebony wood, prized for pen blanks, is characterized by its rich, deep black color and fine, dense grain, making it a popular choice for high-quality, luxurious writing instruments.

South American Purpleheart

Purpleheart wood, prized for its striking deep purple hue and remarkable durability, is a popular choice for pen blanks due to its unique color and fine, smooth finish.

Central American Ziricote

Ziricote wood, prized for its striking dark brown to black streaks and dramatic grain patterns, is commonly used for pen blanks due to its density, smooth finish, and unique visual appeal.

South American Granadillo

Granadillo wood, known for its striking reddish-brown color with darker streaks, is prized for pen blanks due to its fine texture and high density, which provides a smooth, polished finish.

African Spalted Tamarind

Spalted Tamarind wood, used for pen blanks, is prized for its striking patterns formed by fungal growth, which creates intricate lines and unique color variations ranging from creamy white to rich browns and blacks.

West African

Zebrawood, known for its distinctive striped grain pattern resembling a zebra's stripes, is a tropical hardwood often used in woodworking for its aesthetic appeal.

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